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Importance of a Good Resume 

Resumes are some of the most well-known, and misunderstood, professional documents in the business world. Seemingly simply and formulaic, resumes provide potential employers a chance to see your professional “big picture”. But that means that you need to provide a solid resume that puts your best foot forward. This is why a good resume is important. Simple errors or difficult layouts can frustrate hiring managers, and hide what are probably the great qualifications you bring to the table. 

When writing your resume, keep the three following points in front of your mind to increase your chances of a call.

A Good Resume Makes a Good, Relevant First Impression

 A good resume doesn’t just list jobs and degrees. It provides a narrative of your accomplishments and interests, a summary that a recruiter can skim and understand without knowing your whole life story.  Imagine taking years of history and condensing it into 1-2 pages. Would you try to explain every detail? No. You’d pick the highlights and … well, highlight them.  When it comes to writing a resume, pick the most important, and relevant, aspects of your professional career. Make sure that the impression you make reflects a knowledge of the hiring company, but also expresses your career trajectory. 

 Finally, a resume should be grammatically perfect and consistent. A good resume shows that you care about the job, you pay attention to details, and that you can navigate the professional world. In short, a good resume assures recruiters that no matter your experience level, you are no amateur.

A Good Resume Conveys Your Skills, Education, and Experience… Without the Fluff

Resumes provide limited space for verbiage, and for good reason: hiring managers want to see the highlights, not read the novel. After reading dozens or hundreds of resumes, who can blame them when they just want to know if you fit the job description.  A good resume focuses on the quantitative results of your success. It provides rock-solid results for your new prospective employer that they can use to decide about whether or not to bring you in for an interview.

 This is all important because, by providing a concise resume, you show that you understand your professional value, but respect the company and the staff by providing evidence of why you are a good fit with them. 

A Good Resume Shows Your Professionalization in Your Field

One of the worst things you can do, unless you are completely new to your field, is present yourself as an amateur. “Beginner” is different than “amateur” in that the former is someone who knows their craft and is ready to navigate the professional world, where the second is someone who is just happy to get a job. 

 A good resume is one that shows that an applicant knows the business, at least enough to have an idea about how a professional resume should look and what to emphasize. This includes the content and the design. A graphic designer sending a resume full of images, design elements, and creative artwork might nail down an interview with a hip and cutting-edge ad agency, but might never get a call from a more corporate-driven work environment. In the second case, it isn’t lack of skill that landed that resume into the junk pile: it is a lack of professionalization and understanding in terms of what kind of job they were applying for. 

A Good Resume Lands the Interview

Considering all of the above, just assume one thing: that the resume is only the first step of an interview process. But it is a crucial one, one that you can’t take for granted. A good resume will get through application filtering software and convince a recruiter that you fit the job as an employee and as a personality.  If you are serious about a position, then a good resume that demonstrates your value, skill, and understanding of the job and the company, is the difference between an interview and radio silence. So, if you want to make it through to that next step, then make sure you send in a good resume. 

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