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Executive Package

The executive package includes all the materials you need to develop a truly excellent high-level package. Get a baseline package including an executive-level resume and cover letter, a 45 minute branding session with one of our experts, and a tailored thank you letter for your potential interviews. If you choose to expand this package, then you can include a longer 60-minute branding session, a LinkedIn Profile consult, and additional materials like an executive bio for your site and a variation on your resume.

Executive Branding Package includes the following:

  • 2-3 Page Executive Resume

Moving up into the big office? Taking on management and looking to finally land that C-Level position? Starting a company and serving as CEO? Then you need to have a professional, executive resume. Our experts will help you format a high-level resume that highlights your significant achievements in your field. More importantly, we’ll provide consultation services with an expert resume writer to help you show your achievements in management and leadership. Includes a 3-page resume and phone interview consult for up to 45 minutes.

  • Cover Letter

Cover letters aren’t just accessory documents: they are often the first impression you make as a person, even more so than the resume. Our cover letter services will help you develop a consistent voice for your cover letters that match your profession and specific job descriptions, while maintaining your own voice and personality. We’ll show you how to construct a letter, what kind of information to include, and how to entice a reviewing manager or recruiter within the first paragraph. We’ll also cover questions about email applications and tailoring cover letters to pass through screening algorithms

  • Reference List

This seems pretty simple… but just like anything else, you should have references that speak to your skills for a given job. That means a formatted variation of lists that match jobs applied to, that give you the best chance to land the interview.

Our experts will help you format and proofread your reference list. We'll also help you develop it based on the people you have worked with. We'll coach you on which managers, coworkers, supervisors, and colleagues to include for what kinds of jobs. We'll also help you craft the materials you need to keep your references and your potential employers.

  • Thank You Letter

The application process doesn’t stop after the interview. For our thank you letter service, we’ll give you basic guidance on how to include a proper thank you letter for an interview or network opportunity. Professionals like to know that their efforts are appreciated, so we’ll consult with you on how to write the perfect thank you letter that leaves a professional and appreciative impression of you for the intended receiver.

  • LinkedIn Profile

Now that you’ve got a killer resume in hand, let’s talk about your LinkedIn profile. Think about this as your “digital resume,” plugged in to a professional social network. We’ll walk you through the ways to make your LinkedIn profile professional (including suggestions for headshots, descriptions, and summaries), how to make changes to your professional experience to attract potential employers, and how to cultivate a network through endorsements and regular updates.

  • Executive Bio

Many of us have a hard time selling ourselves. This can hurt you, especially when it comes to providing key documents about your professional experience. Career Operative has specialists on hand to help you develop an executive biography that does just that.

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