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Executive Package:

The executive package includes everything that you need to start your executive search. The package starts with the upload of your existing resume and a review of the resume and your stated goal. for example, you may be looking for a promotion, lateral move, or to work in another industry or company. Our team of writers will tailor the resume to suit your needs.

One to One Interview:

Once we have reviewed your goals and resume a resume writer will perform a 30 to 60-minute interview with you. The goal is to get to know more about your work history, management style and other key factors that a perspective employer would want to know about you.

Executive Resume:

Moving up into the big office? Taking on management and looking to finally land that C-Level position? Starting a company and serving as CEO? Then you need to have a professional, executive resume. Our experts will help you format a high-level resume that highlights your significant achievements in your field. More importantly, we’ll provide consultation services with an expert resume writer to help you show your achievements in management and leadership. Includes a 3-page resume and phone interview consult for up to 45 minutes.

Personal Cover Letter:

Cover letters aren’t just accessory documents: they are often the first impression you make as a person, even more so than the resume. Our cover letter services will help you develop a consistent voice for your cover letters that match your profession and specific job descriptions, while maintaining your own voice and personality. We’ll show you how to construct a letter, what kind of information to include, and how to entice a reviewing manager or recruiter within the first paragraph. We’ll also cover questions about email applications and tailoring cover letters to pass through screening algorithms

Thank You Letter:

The application process doesn’t stop after the interview. For our thank you letter service, we’ll give you basic guidance on how to include a proper thank you letter for an interview or network opportunity. Professionals like to know that their efforts are appreciated, so we’ll consult with you on how to write the perfect thank you letter that leaves a professional and appreciative impression of you for the intended receiver.

LinkedIn Profile:

Your LinkedIn Profile is so important in today’s economy. Unlike your resume a profile can share with prospective employers who and what you know. Weather your actively or passively seeking employment the LinkedIn profile is key. Let us provide you with coaching on how to improve your profile and network.

Executive Bio:

Many of us have a hard time selling ourselves. This can hurt you, especially when it comes to providing key documents about your professional experience. Career Operative has specialists on hand to help you develop an executive biography that does just that.

Executive Biographies are typically one-page documents highlighting your skills, accomplishments, and experience. More than that, the bio will represent your brand: what you are, professionally, as a package deal.

With that in mind, you want a bio that sells you as much as your accomplishments. Our coaches are experts in crafting a biography that communicates a brand identity. This includes fleshing out personal and professional goals, values, and ideals, and putting them on the page alongside your past experiences and where you see yourself heading in the future. And our coaches will help you do this with consistency, telling your story in the way you want it told.

Reference List

This seems pretty simple… but just like anything else, you should have references that speak to your skills for a given job. That means a formatted variation of lists that match jobs applied to, that give you the best chance to land the interview.

Our experts will help you format and proofread your reference list. We'll also help you develop it based on the people you have worked with. We'll coach you on which managers, coworkers, supervisors, and colleagues to include for what kinds of jobs. We'll also help you craft the materials you need to keep your references and your potential employers.

Resume Variations

One resume doesn't cut it, no matter how good it is. When you start casting your net on the job market, chances are you are looking at multiple types of positions. In order to tailor yourself for those positions, you need resumes that speak to different professional contexts.

Our experts can help you take your resume and tweak it so that it speaks to multiple jobs. If you want a position in marketing and copywriting, we can help you produce resumes that speak to writing, to marketing skills, and both, using the same core skills and accomplishments.

With a set of variations on your resume, you can more confidently and accurately apply to a wider range of jobs within your field. A tailored resume could be the difference between landing the interview and waiting for a call that never comes.

Standard turn around is 4 business days from the day of the interview.

Rush service and Executive Profile are also available.

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