Mid-Career Branding Service Standard


Mid-Career Branding Service Standard 00039

Mid-Career Package

Import the benefits of an Executive or Professional Package for your mid-career advancement opportunities. Services for this package start out with a cover letter, resume, thank you letter, and 45-minute branding session. We also offer Advanced and Complete Options that include an updated LinkedIn profile, professional bio, reference list, and variations on your resume for targeted jobs.

Mid-Career Resume

Perhaps one of the biggest steps in anyone’s career is when one moves from a beginner to an established figure in the field. While not a total expert yet, you stand out in a crowd and present a ton of potential for upward mobility. With our Mid-Career Resume consulting services, we provide a 20-minute consultation over a resume of up to 2 pages. During that time, we help you transform your resume into a document that illustrates your upward mobility in your industry, including the steps you need to make in order to land that next-level position.

Cover Letter

Cover letters aren’t just accessory documents: they are often the first impression you make as a person, even more so than the resume. Our cover letter services will help you develop a consistent voice for your cover letters that match your profession and specific job descriptions, while maintaining your own voice and personality. We’ll show you how to construct a letter, what kind of information to include, and how to entice a reviewing manager or recruiter within the first paragraph. We’ll also cover questions about email applications and tailoring cover letters to pass through screening algorithms

Thank You Letter

The application process doesn’t stop after the interview. For our thank you letter service, we’ll give you basic guidance on how to include a proper thank you letter for an interview or network opportunity. Professionals like to know that their efforts are appreciated, so we’ll consult with you on how to write the perfect thank you letter that leaves a professional and appreciative impression of you for the intended receiver.

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